Hanging flower pots at the Union Square Greenmarket.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

Bethesda Terrace in Central Park

During one of our first weekends in the city of New York, we made our way around Central Park until we couldn’t feel our legs anymore. One of our friends always told us that half the fun of Central Park is getting lost and finding little treasures throughout… so Poria and I did exactly that.

We made our way around the southern part of the park and ran into a dance party in the streets pretty early on into our walk. There was loud music playing, and passerby’s were joining along as they pleased. Poria was a little hesitant at first (now isn’t that a change?!) but I knew we weren’t going to run into anyone we knew, so that made the risk of embarrassing ourselves a little easier and I jumped right in! We jammed to the beats, and looked on at other dancers who were moving and grooving, before making our way back to exploring the park.

The next little treasure we found has to be one of my new favorite parts of Central Park: the Bethesda Terrace. Surrounded by performers and passerby’s alike, the terrace provides a grand view of the southern section of the park. But what I loved most was underneath the terrace… majestic arches and golden hues that lit up the walkways of the terrace and made it feel so absolutely warm and inviting. We made it there just before the sun was setting and the golden light shone through, as we took a few minutes to admire the architecture and performing artists surrounding it.  

Cab rides and bokeh.

Happy Monday everyone!
April, 2014. NYC.

Flower shops everywhere!

It’s finally beginning to actually feel like spring in New York!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

Union Square Greenmarket

This last weekend, Poria and I made our way uptown in NYC to the ultimate farmer’s market: the Union Square Greenmarket. We went to grab some fresh produce and take a look around at all of the goodies that were on display and got so much more than just that. Farmers, fishers and bakers make their way to this enormous market that is open year round to sell their products and allow the community to support local business and agriculture. 

There were so many varieties of fresh fruit, veggies, meats, cheese, and… flowers! Oh, so many beautiful spring flowers! We made our way around the market tasting different samplings of food and taking photos of all the beautiful produce and greenery before heading off to our next destination in the city that never ceases to entertain. 


Central Park, NYC.

Oyster’s at O’Niels

Half of the fun of being in New York this month (for me, at least) is easily all of the food choices. Since we’ve been here we’ve been trying out new places, making reservations at well-known restaurants, and randomly finding hole-in-the-walls that can’t be beat by anything else. Last week while walking around SoHo, we ran into O’Neil’s and decided to give it a try. And with our luck, they had a special going on for $1 oysters that night…

Now, if you know me, you know that I’ve never really been into seafood. Creatures that live under the sea aren’t usually what I go for (I’m more of a steak or chicken kinda gal), but recently I’ve been up for trying new things and opening up my palette to new flavors. So I had oysters for the very first time. Ever.

I doused the oyster shell in the cocktail sauce that entailed of pickled peppers and vinegar, and splashed on some lemon juice before tasting. And then, hesitantly, I ate my very first oyster and surprisingly…. loved it! The chewy texture mixed with the tangy flavors of the cocktail sauce provided a refreshing and invigorating new taste that I’d never experience before.

And I think I’ve learned that I should definitely open up to trying new things, at least once! ;)

It’s a rainy Manhattan day, but I hope you all are having a beautiful start to your week!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have an amazing weekend planned! 

NYC. April, 2014.

Bokeh in the city.

NYC, April 2014.