Happy Friday everyone!

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

Fairuz and Suehyb’s Nikkah

A couple of weeks ago, prior to our day trip to the Frying Pan Farm Park, I was asked to capture a luncheon celebrating the nikkah (religious marriage ceremony) between Fairuz and Suehyb. I arrived at the venue, not having met either the bride or the groom, but immediately felt so welcomed by the families of the two. The ballroom was set up beautifully in accents of blue and gold to accommodate guests with an abundance of food and sweets throughout the event. When the bride and groom did arrive, it felt like they were old friends of mine, embracing everyone and making all the guests, including myself, feel completely at home. The bride, Fairuz, looked absolutely beautiful and was glowing throughout the afternoon as she and her groom Suehyb exchanged loving glances towards one another throughout the day. 

It was a beautiful event that I’m so grateful I was able to capture for them, and here’s to wishing them a lifetime of happiness together in the years  to come! 


At the equestrian facilities in Frying Pan Farm Park.

Frying Pan Park

A couple of weeks ago I rented out a wide angle lens for an event I was scheduled to shoot… but soon after the event, I realized that I still had a few hours of daylight to roam around and to take photos of just about anything. So instead of heading home from the hectic day, I picked up Poria and we headed to Frying Pan Farm Park not too far from where we live. 

It was a warm and hazy day out and all of the farm animals were grazing the fields as the daylight was beginning to fade. We strolled around the farm and made our way to the equestrian fields where the horses were already back in the stables for the night. I took a few more shots and asked Poria to take a few of me at the farm until the evening sky turned dark and we headed to dinner. 

Autumn is finally in the air…

Hope you all have a beautiful Friday and weekend! 

There haven’t been as many blog posts recently. And it hasn’t been because I haven’t been shooting… but actually quite the opposite.

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic with different opportunities to shoot, and I couldn’t be more grateful for them. Over the course of the last few weekends, Poria and I have been keeping ourselves busy with different activities and I’ve been experimenting with new lenses and equipment as we venture off taking on both new and familiar places. I’ve also taken on the advice of a photographer friend to shoot completely in RAW and I’ve recently made the switch over, which I absolutely love for the newfound flexibility I have in editing photos… but it does take quite a bit more time to edit and convert images, so I’ve been lacking in posting as much recently. 

So this post is just here as a reminder… that I’m still here and I’ll be back soon with full blown blog posts and so much that I want to share with you all!

In the meantime, I hope you’re all having a lovely week! <3

Foggy vibes… it’s a cloudy but happy and beautiful Monday morning!

There’s so much to look forward to in life, hope you all have a beautiful week ahead!

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend… happy Friday! 

Oh New York…  how I miss you so. 

Something Different Right At Home

Poria and I took the week off from our regular weekly routine of visiting our families and running errands last week, and instead used our time after work to unwind and relax after a hectic weekend. I usually get home from work before he does and on no particularly special day in the middle of the week I realized that the weather was nice outside so I thought of something new to do right at home

I set up a portable table on the balcony of our apartment, threw a tablecloth over it, set the table up with flowers, and dragged out two of our dining room chairs. I added a few candles to the table and hooked up our speakers to my phone oozing soft jazz tunes on the Chet Baker station… and made a perfect relaxing date night of it, right at home. 

Little escapes to enjoy what’s left of summer.