Bridal Shower

This last weekend was an absolutely crazy hectic one to say the very least, and even though I’m still recovering from it all, it was one for the books! My childhood and best friend Rohina got married this last Saturday and the week was filled with events and festivities celebrating and leading up to her big day. With the help of my good friend who also happens to be Rohina’s sister, Deba, and a few of her other close friends, we planned a gathering for a bridal shower on the evening before her marriage.

Originally, we planned to keep the party a secret from her and to surprise her, hoping to be able to lure her to my house with the promise of a girl’s night with just her and I filled with movies and junk food… but Deba and I soon realized that it was going to be a lot trickier than we anticipated. Since Ro’s husband’s family was flying in to join the festivities on the same day we were planning out the party, she was going to be busy picking them up from the airport and being a welcoming host… So at the very last minute we decided to let her know what we had been up to, just to ensure that she didn’t miss out on the bridal shower that we had been planning for her!

When all of her friends finally arrived, wearing black and white, we sat around and ate and laughed and reminisced in all of our memories with Ro while writing some of them down as part of a game where the bride would read them throughout the evening. Ro arrived later in the evening, looking absolutely stunning in a sparking blue gown, and we spent the remainder of the night in good spirits with smiles in our faces, looking forward to the events that were to follow on the next day…

Stay tuned for photos of the nikkah/marriage coming up this week!

It’s Monday morning… and I’m already exhausted!

This weekend was filled with so many special eventsso many photos coming up throughout the week!

Hope you’re all having a beautiful Monday!

It’s been a pretty hectic week… with lots of surprises coming up this weekend! 

Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far, happy Thursday!

Blue Apron

Some of my favorite  bloggers recently posted about Blue Apron which is a service that sends out specific serving sizes of ingredients for three recipes/meals a week. I loved the idea of having all of the ingredients sent via mail (no multiple trips to grocery store cause I forgot an ingredient? sounds great to me!), and Poria loved the idea of not having leftovers (we kind of aren’t too great at getting around to eating leftovers sitting in our fridge at our home…), so we figured we’d give it a shot!

Late last week, we received our packaged ingredients for three meals for two in a well packed ice box along with three recipe cards for a chicken dish, a pasta dish and a fish dish (you can pick your preferences as to which proteins you prefer, or even choose a vegetarian option!). The steps for making the meals are simple and easy to follow, and let us experience a new dish that I never would have otherwise thought to cook! So far, we’ve loved our week with Blue Apron and the hassle free cooking experience is definitely something that we’ll be continuing in our home…

The above photos were taken while cooking their pan-roasted chicken thighs with roasted baby zebra eggplants and a fennel and tomato salad… yum! 

Craving waffles on this Monday morning…

Hope you all are having a beautiful start to your week!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Friday and an even more beautiful weekend ahead!

Merrifield Market

This last Sunday, I took a trip out to Merrifield with some lovely ladies to visit the farmer’s market in the Mosiac District. Rohina, Shab, and Kenza provided the loveliest company while we meandered through the stands and sampled the different local treats. Shab and I took a few photos, and we all settled for crepes in the shade of a nearby coffee shop before heading out to end our Sunday with some girl talk and shopping…

It’s Wednesday…

This week is dragging by in excruciatingly painful slow motion for me. The weekend ended off on a good note but coming into work on Monday morning I received the news of the passing of a co-worker, and then on Monday evening the loss of an artist who I’ve admired and whose work I’ve grown up with. By the time Tuesday rolled around I caught myself wondering, “is it really only Tuesday… how can time be passing by so slowly?!

But the minutes ticked by and melted into hours, and here we are already halfway into Wednesday. The world has a funny way of reminding us that it doesn’t slow down or stop for anyone, and that our lives somehow manage to continue through it all.

So I’m here today, sitting at my desk hoping that your Wednesday is  off to better start, and really looking forward to the weekend. 


Fresh blackberries at the Merrifield market

Hope you’re all having a good start to you week.

Cooling off with sweet treats in Philadelphia